Bacon and Eggs and Pears, Oh My!

In loving memory, Yoda bacon and eggs Roasted PearsBackgrounds are important! I realized how important it is to capture the right light, camera angle and composition when I shot the “Roasted Pears” and the “Bacon and Eggs.” I had a vision and I had to get it right. No settling! And especially with my big male show dog, a loving and devoted, foodie, named, Yoda who was waiting in the wings for me to walk away from my sets. I can’t tell you how many pieces of bacon, eggs and pears that I had to re-style and re-shoot. As I would turn to get another lens or an additional reflector, guess who would casually help himself to a bacon and egg breakfast or a roasted pear or two for desert? But, it was all worth the effort and one of my fondest memories of my Yoda.

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